The Prime Fraction Club not only sells, it manages and coordinates the use of goods among members. Each owner has a fraction of a company that owns the property. These members pay a fixed monthly fee that covers the cost of fixed asset. And each individual owner pays the costs according to use of the property. With Prime Fraction Club “Less is More“.

With investment and lower fixed costs, members have at their disposal more than a unique property. They have options to choose the goods.

The Prime also maintains a program of asset management for owners who, by frequency of use, not wanting to use shared. Those owners benefit from the possible use of other aircraft in the fleet, on the occasions when their aircraft or their vehicles are unavailable for any reason. These same asset also serve as “backup” for those sharing in the event of any conflict of schedules. So everyone benefits from.The Prime Fractional Club is a new way of having airplanes, helicopters, boats and cars. It is the shared property. This means that the same asset is acquired in fractions by some owners and used by each of them at different dates.

Share goods is not in itself as innovation, as has long existed for airplanes, helicopters, boats, cars, and others. The difference is that the Prime Fraction Club is the first company where members share the same goods under the same management.

It is possible to have a plane and possibly use a helicopter or have a yacht and possibly use a Ferrari. That is where the innovative character of the Prime Fraction Club: Owning a good but have access to all


When you buy a good shared, you can choose hours or days of use, depending on the type of good. But what to do with any unused hours? To optimize your investment and enable the use of all asset, the Prime Fraction Club has developed a formula taking into account value of the goods, the value of fixed rates, the number of participants in the good and the number of hours or days that features, equalizes different goods. This formula tells the unused time on your own that may good turn into the use of other goods. That way someone takes advantage of unused time by members of certain property, which benefits from the time not used by other owners.

As property values are quite different, it is natural that the rights and facilities for the mutual use offer greater advantages to owners of higher value goods that will have easier access to goods of lower value than its inverse. The customer owns a particular asset is called Original Owner (OO) in relation to the asset itself. All owners are called Prime Owners Club (POC) in respect of all other asset of the Prime Club.

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